What Is FestiBowl?

Bring on the Fresh

Festi-Bowl is trying to bring a new level of freshness to the festival environment. Our menu is composed of a Chipotle style line of rice and bean veggie bowls that give the individual a wide variety of bowl options while having the efficiency to serve a large number of people in a short amount of time. Festival attendees will choose between rice and quinoa, one of our four homemade sauces, black beans or chickpeas, and 3 out of 8 “farm to fest” veggie choices. We also serve a line of artisan smoothies using real fruit as a base along with high quality liquid bases such as coconut milk, soy milk, and apple juice. Finally, as a dessert option we run a line of “festi-balls” which are super food packed dense sweet treats that are sure to please the taste buds, make people feeling good, and keep them coming back for more!

Who We Serve

Our menu is entirely vegan and with the exception of our teriyaki we are also gluten free. With veganism being the leading food trend in 2017 it is extremely important that these options are fully represented in the festival environment. We find customers among these groups, those interested in the farm to festival experience, and/or individuals interested in a healthy option in a location where healthy options are often lacking. This means that while we successfully fill the veggie/gluten free niche we are far exclusive to it.

Our Dedication to Local Produce

What sets us apart from other vendors is our dedication to fresh ingredients. Wherever we go we make connections with local farmers so we can source our ingredients locally. In this practice we are using farm to table methods and attempting to coin the term “farm to fest.” This means our menu changes seasonally, we have the freshest organic produce, and we make positive business connections in the local community that are associated with the events we become a part of.

Our Magic Sauces

The magic is all in the sauce! We offer a homemade brown sugar teriyaki sauce which arguably smells better than it tastes (if that’s even possible.) A piri-piri which uses fresh garden herbs such as parsley and cilantro along with lemon, and a mild amount of thai chili garlic to make a sauce which overwhelms the taste buds with garden freshness. Also, new to the menu this year we have a creamy cashew dill sauce which has an unbelievably creamy texture combined with the sublimely subtle taste of dill to really bring out the taste of the root veggies in your bowl. Lastly, but definitely not least, is our signature sauce we have named Lemon GNARlic Cheeze. This sauce packs one heck of a flavor punch. With intense amounts of lemon and garlic along with nine other potent herbs and spices this sauce is super intense in the best possible way. While these flavorful factors all make this sauce a force to be reckoned with what really sets it apart is its thick, cheesy, funky texture. We use a secret ingredient to thicken it and it comes out with a texture reminiscent of parmesan cheese without the use of dairy. All of our oil based sauces we use extra virgin olive oil because… well, it tastes much better than the cheaper alternatives. While these sauces are our staples we also rotate between other options including but not limited to ginger miso, thai chili coconut, and creamy radish top/basil/carrot top pesto depending on which herbs are in season!

Environmental Care

We also always make a point of using only compostable wares for our disposable items to reduce our environmental impact. I have also had my eye on a line of edible spoons (that you eat when you finish using) that are supposed to be available by the 2018 season so I am hoping to have this option available as well.

What Do People Think of Us?

“I’m a meat eater but I can’t pass this place up whenever I see it. They’ve made brussel sprouts taste like they were sent from above and that garlic sauce is life changing! If I know festi bowl is gonna be around, I don’t even pack food for an event. These guys are gonna be famous before you know it. Get in on this!!!”
Paul Schroeder

“OMGEEEE, all I can say is super yum!!! Great for vegetarians, vegans, AND meat eaters, who want something super nutritious and ultra delicious! Savory, delectable, make them taste buds orgasm! <3 Absolutley phenomenal customer service as well, props to you guys, this will go far! Can’t wait to get more bowls at more Fests :)”
Daisy Claire

“Fest Bowl has the best fest food we’ve ever eaten. Fresh, creative, delicious with an array of veggies & sauces prepared with care & pride. The veggie selection changed daily with the addition of locally sourced pea sprouts grown in Suwannee County. Also on Sunday they had potatoes as a choice base along with quinoa or rice. We had a large group & ate there everyday of the Suwannee Spring Reunion & had something different every day. The sauces were all delicious and the desserts were pretty awesome too. I would recommend this food to not only vegetarians but anyone who loves good, fresh, nutritional eats prepared with love. Thank You Festi-Bowl.”
Pat and Phil Chamburs

Upcoming Events

Okechobee (FL)

Bonaroo (TN)

Electric Forest (MI)

Hartford Fest (IN)

Shoefest (IL)

Past Events (that we are likely to return to)

Shoefest (IL)

Suwanee Spring Reunion (FL)

Lost Lands (OH)

Shangri-La (MN)

Zen Awakening (FL)

Old Settlers (TX)

Wanderlust Yoga Festival (VT)